BONUS BLOG – Roasted Vegetables

I AM HAVING A LUCKY DAY! Guys, I am super pumped today. Since the moment I woke up this morning, everything has been coming up Bitsy!

First, I actually got a great night of sleep. With the help of some melatonin gummies, I was able to get some quality rest with a side of really trippy dreams. Then, Ellis got right out of bed and ready for school with no issues (this is HUGE).

At Starbucks this morning, I decided that today was the day to finally try their new Pistachio latte. This could have gone either way, but (spoiler) it’s super yummy. AND, when I got to the drive thru window, they gave me a free spinach & feta wrap that had been made accidentally. A FRIDAY MIRACLE!

To top it all off, about an hour after I logged into my work computer, I got a notification that there were required installs waiting – ugh. Normally, the installs are followed by a forced restart and having to relog into everything – a total bummer. BUT, today the installs just went through with no restart required! If your work computers do this, you know what a big deal this is.

And so, I have started singing my new catchy jingle every time something good happens to me.

🎶 Everything’s coming up Bitsy! 🎶

I figured that as I’m having such a great day, I would spread some of the love around. So, here is a super special Friday BONUS BLOG on one of my absolute favorite sides a la Steven Michael. You will feel just as lucky as I do today when you sink your teeth into these roasted veggies! They pair well with literally any meal, and can be made using any of your favorite vegetables.

I hope that wherever you are, some of my luck is rubbing off on you as you read this post. Comment below and let me know how your day is going! I know I’ll be buying lottery tickets tonight 🤞, but for now I’m going back to work as my lunch break is over. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a huge promotion today!


BBQ Tofu Bowls

Sometimes you just need to eat something healthy. Let’s say you just started a food blog, and you’ve been cramming your gullet with things like Stuffing Topped Mac & Cheese, Waffles Benedict or Pistachio Dessert Waffles (Coming Soon to a Food Blog Near You) for weeks … your body will be begging you for some vegetables. Enter – BBQ Tofu Bowls!

The last few weeks, it has been hard to stay on track because everything is just so damn good! We wanted to start our blog off with a bang, including some of our favorite recipes. But those high fat, high sugar, high get-in-my-mouth-right-now foods aren’t for every day. We absolutely enjoy a good cheat meal in this house and look forward to savoring those extra scrumptious, extra bad for you, extra delicious foods, but eating like that is not sustainable for long stretches.

Thankfully, Steven Michael has figured out how to make healthy meals just as satisfying as the bad ones. These delicious, veggie filled bowls are a staple in our house. We probably eat them at least two or three times a month because they are quick, easy, healthy AND tasty. They literally check all of the boxes. In fact, when I ran my first half marathon last winter, we had these BBQ Tofu Bowls as my pre-race dinner the night before. They are packed with lean protein, tons of vegetables, and balanced with some sweetness from the BBQ sauce.

This is an easy Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce recipe. If you prefer, you can swap out the one cup of Brown Sugar with one cup of Honey, whatever floats your boat! We actually started this recipe using honey, but sometimes sub the brown sugar to make it completely vegan. We tend to eat a lot of vegan meals as we have a lot of friends who follow a strict animal-free diet, and so our recipes have evolved over the years. Or, if you want a super lazy meal, just grab your favorite store bought BBQ sauce and call it a day. No one is judging you in your own kitchen!

Before you jump into the recipe below, remember to pop over to our blog on Perfectly Textured Tofu for instructions on how to cook your protein. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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We’ll see you next Tuesday with a fresh new dish!