Shrimp Po’ Boys

Spring has certainly sprung here in Rochester, and we’ve been enjoying the sunshine! Yesterday, Ellis rode his big boy bike for the first time! He was scared, but powered through and had a great time. I know as soon as he gets the hang of it, we’ll have to stop him from flying down hills and doing crazy jumps – the joys of raising a little boy.

Now that I’m mostly healed from my hip surgery this winter, Sawyer (our dog) and I have been taking at least one or two walks every day. I was worried that I wouldn’t be outside as much now that I’m not able to run, but Sawyer has made sure I get my daily dose of Vitamin D.

Steven Michael and Ellis have both been having a great time with their running adventures. Steven Michael is keeping up with his training and Ellis’ running class is ending this week with a lap-a-thon for charity. All of the DeLorme’s are staying active!

All of this sunshine reminds me of one of my favorite places on Earth, Sanibel Island in Florida. My family has been vacationing there since I was five years old, and both my parents and grandparents have winter homes on the island. Sanibel is the only place that I have seen Po’ Boys on a menu (at the Island Cow), though I know that they are well loved everywhere. So, when Steven Michael suggested that we use them for a blog recipe, I channeled all of the summertime/Sanibel vibes and gladly agreed.

These sandwiches were gigantic! We made two huge ones, but they could have easily fed four people. Anything with fried shrimp is a winner for me and these home made ones were killer. The sauce is great and the lettuce gave it a fresh crispness. Steven Michael had tomatoes on his, but they aren’t my favorite so I passed. These are a great summer meal!

Let me know what your favorite summer dishes are in the comments below, and who knows, maybe Steven Michael will attempt to make one!


Bang Bang Shrimp Bowl

It has been an eventful few days in the DeLorme house!

Ellis has joined a Kids Run the Nation running class that meets twice a week and he absolutely loves it! Steven Michael and I are helping to coach the kids, so it’s a family affair. On Friday night, Steven Michael and I were finally able to meet up with some good friends for dinner and ice cream. It was so great to do something normal and feel safe while doing it!

Ellis also recently had his first scary fall, and has now learned that running on couches isn’t a great idea … especially when there is a coffee table nearby to catch your face on the way down! Don’t worry, he’s ok and assures us that the huge bruise on his cheek doesn’t hurt at all (unless he pushes on it reeeeeeeaaaalllly hard). Sometimes we have to learn lessons the hard way, but he’s still a cutie pie with one chipmunk cheek!

With Mother’s Day tomorrow, we’re having a quiet evening at home tonight. For my big day I have requested to play mini golf as a family and have Turkey Meatball Subs for dinner, yay! I’m looking forward to our family day very much!

I’m feeling good, so I thought I would share a recipe that might make you all feel good too! Steven Michael made this for the first time a few months ago, before this blog was ever a thought. When we decided to start on this blogging adventure, we knew Bang Bang Shrimp Bowls had to make an appearance at some point. Here they are! These are so sweet and saucy, and I’m a sucker for a good noodle dish. Maybe you moms out there can request it for your special dinner tomorrow!

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!