Big Mac Nachos

Hello, strangers! We took a few weeks off to enjoy some much needed family time. We spent a week with my parents on Long Island, played a lot of basketball, and Ellis started summer camp! Now that we’re refreshed, we’re so happy to be back sharing recipes with all of you!

We’re coming back with a bang … you read that right – BIG MAC NACHOS. Steven Michael has some wacky ideas, and I’ve learned to run with them over the years. Sometimes, wacky is exactly what hits the spot!

I’ll admit that I’ve never actually had a real Big Mac. I’m not a meat person, or a fast food person, so it just never happened for me. I am, however, looking forward to the upcoming Beyond Big Macs that are being teased to compete with the Impossible Whoppers, especially now that I’ve tasted that magical Big Mac Sauce.

I know that I’m late to the party, but let’s talk about Big Mac Sauce. It is SO GOOD! These nachos were fantastic in general, but every saucy bite was just spectacular. We had some left over and used it for Big Mac Pizzas the next day as well. Pair that with caramelized onions and you’ve got me hooked!

What is your favorite fast food staple? Let us know in the comments and Steven Michael just might figure out how to make it at home!

Burrito Fresco

Lime Pepper Sauce – A Burrito Fresco Recipe

As promised, we are slowly releasing all of the recipes from our former restaurant, Burrito Fresco within this blog. We are so excited that our restaurant food is being enjoyed by people again!

Our menu was set up so you could create your own custom burritos, bowls, tacos, salads or nachos by choosing ingredients from different categories. Lime Pepper was one of our most popular sauces on the spicy side of things. In fact, it is Steven Michael’s favorite sauce and was a special request to be our next blog by restaurant regular, Matt (Hi, Matt!). After we closed the restaurant, we sold our salsas and sauces at local public markets for a few months, and Lime Pepper was a hit there as well.

Lime Pepper can be used as a topping sauce, as a replacement for dressing in a salad, or on its own as a dip with chips or fries. The cumin and chipotles give it a nice smoky flavor and some spice, while the lime adds a little bit of tang. The sour cream balances all of that by softening some of the heat and giving it a creamy texture. It’s still a little too hot for me, but to each their own!

This is super fast to make with a food processor, an easy addition to any meal. We’d love to hear how you like it in the comments below or on any of our social media platforms! If you ever visited Burrito Fresco, please let us know what recipe you’re dying to have, and we might just post it next!