Burrito Fresco, Sides

Salsa Verde – A Burrito Fresco Recipe

When the only way your life is kept in order is with a detailed list of perfectly timed phone reminders, something is bound to go wrong. For example, last Sunday when my weekly “Write Blog” reminder went off and I accidentally marked it as completed instead of resetting it to remind me again in a few hours. The result? NO BLOG LAST WEEK! Talk about a spooky end to October!

However, here we are in November, new phone reminders set, a ton of recipes on deck and so much to be thankful for! We hope you enjoy this Salsa Verde from our restaurant, Burrito Fresco, as much as our former manager Keighty does. Seriously, she loves it and we know you will too!

Have you ever forgotten to do something when your electronics didn’t to remind you? Tell us what happened in the comments below!