I am writing this from the audience of a very special wrestling show in my living room. Ellis, a.k.a. Crazy Master has been putting on quite a show against the formidable giant Peep stuffed animal. His special moves are Lightening Shots and the Peep Crasher!

This particular arena has some really excellent ring side snacks, my personal favorite being the cornbread. Steven Michael’s cornbread recipe is so easy to make, and so easy to eat an entire pan of in one sitting. You have been warned!

You just might need to pay Crazy Master to come over and put you in the Peep Crasher when you try to go back for your fourth or fifth piece!

What would your wrestling name/special moves be? Let us know in the comments below!


Thai Peanut Bowls with Tofu

It’s official, we have a Kindergartener! Ellis started school last week, and is LOVING it so far. He is especially fond of the bus, and has been known to give high fives all the way up the aisle on his way out the door. In other words, Ellis gonna Ellis. 🤷‍♀️

The school year brings us more consistency in our schedule, and therefore, more at home dinners that we can turn into blogs. Lucky you! This week, we’re sharing Thai Peanut Bowls with Tofu that were fantastic! Steven Michael actually tried this a while ago and it wasn’t quite right. So, he took some notes, made some changes and really nailed it!

These were quick to make after a long day, and exceptionally tasty. It has a little bit of everything that you need – fat from the peanut butter, carbs from the noodles, and a load of veggies. It’s also a much better use of Peanut Butter than the Peanut Stew Incident of 2021. Trust me.

What are some of your favorite quick meals during the back to school craziness? Share in the comments below!


Big Mac Nachos

Hello, strangers! We took a few weeks off to enjoy some much needed family time. We spent a week with my parents on Long Island, played a lot of basketball, and Ellis started summer camp! Now that we’re refreshed, we’re so happy to be back sharing recipes with all of you!

We’re coming back with a bang … you read that right – BIG MAC NACHOS. Steven Michael has some wacky ideas, and I’ve learned to run with them over the years. Sometimes, wacky is exactly what hits the spot!

I’ll admit that I’ve never actually had a real Big Mac. I’m not a meat person, or a fast food person, so it just never happened for me. I am, however, looking forward to the upcoming Beyond Big Macs that are being teased to compete with the Impossible Whoppers, especially now that I’ve tasted that magical Big Mac Sauce.

I know that I’m late to the party, but let’s talk about Big Mac Sauce. It is SO GOOD! These nachos were fantastic in general, but every saucy bite was just spectacular. We had some left over and used it for Big Mac Pizzas the next day as well. Pair that with caramelized onions and you’ve got me hooked!

What is your favorite fast food staple? Let us know in the comments and Steven Michael just might figure out how to make it at home!

Burrito Fresco

Burrito Fresco Taco Seasoning

Drum roll please …………….. We present, Burrito Fresco Taco Seasoning! This is a big deal guys. No one but us knows this recipe. It was the one thing we kept secret, because it is the basis for the flavor of our former restaurant, Burrito Fresco. I know there are a few former employees out there itching to get their hands on this one (looking at you Keighty), so here it is!

You’ll probably want to bookmark this to use for the recipe coming out on Tuesday (wink wink). See you then!


Greek Chicken Pitas

When you decide to have kids, you picture all of the snuggles and kisses, and them lovingly calling you “Mama”. You see them melting into your arms at the end of a long day at school, because you are their safe space. You think they’ll confide all of their problems to you, and you’ll help to shape them into not just well functioning, but confident, kind and thriving adults. Not once in my journey into motherhood did I ever imagine that I would be starting my day with a stuffed pig calling me ugly. Bear with me, I’ll get there.

This morning, Ellis called me into his room early to let me know that Piggy, the stuffed version of the pig from If You Give a Pig a Pancake, told him that Mom and Dad love each other more than they love Ellis. If you’ve read the story, you know that this particular pig is greedy, entitled and rude. Still, you never really see this kind of behavior coming, you expect more from people, and pigs. So, Ellis was upset because even after he told Piggy that just wasn’t true, Piggy insisted that it was. After assuring Ellis that Mom and Dad love him more than anything in the world, and that all three of us are a family and will always be there for each other, I gave Piggy a stern look and told him to be nice. How silly of me to think a look would be enough …

Fast forward about 30 minutes, I was standing in the kitchen making Ellis a bowl of cereal. Ellis walked in with that freaking pig and said, “Mama, Piggy said that you’re ugly.” Remaining calm, I explained that we don’t say mean things like that in this house and took Piggy to time out in the living room. I may have seated him in what looked like a very uncomfortable position on his chair, because f#$% that guy. Ellis finished his breakfast, got an apology from Piggy, and we were off to school. When Ellis asked if Piggy could join him, I said as long as he could be nice, he was welcome to go to school. Really, I just didn’t want to look at his smug little face while I work, so off to school for Piggy!

You’re probably asking yourself what any of this has to do with Greek Chicken Pitas. The answer is absolutely nothing, but someone had to know about the pig with the mouth, and now you do. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s talk pitas. This is a really delicious, fresh, homecooked meal that will be a treat for any family. Steven Michael has tweaked this recipe over the years, landing on what is really one of my favorite staple meals in our house. The chicken is juicy and well flavored, the Tzatziki is incredible (and you’ll have some leftover for dipping pitas – SCORE), and the crisp veggies make this taste super fresh and satisfying. Pair that with the salty goodness of feta cheese, and you have a real winner!

I am really enjoying sharing my life and experiences with all of you, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading them! I would love to hear from you in the comments below, or on any of our social media platforms. This afternoon, I’ll be having some conversations with Ellis about hiding behind his stuffed animals to say mean things. In the meantime, here’s hoping Piggy gets “lost” in the classroom!


BONUS BLOG – Roasted Vegetables

I AM HAVING A LUCKY DAY! Guys, I am super pumped today. Since the moment I woke up this morning, everything has been coming up Bitsy!

First, I actually got a great night of sleep. With the help of some melatonin gummies, I was able to get some quality rest with a side of really trippy dreams. Then, Ellis got right out of bed and ready for school with no issues (this is HUGE).

At Starbucks this morning, I decided that today was the day to finally try their new Pistachio latte. This could have gone either way, but (spoiler) it’s super yummy. AND, when I got to the drive thru window, they gave me a free spinach & feta wrap that had been made accidentally. A FRIDAY MIRACLE!

To top it all off, about an hour after I logged into my work computer, I got a notification that there were required installs waiting – ugh. Normally, the installs are followed by a forced restart and having to relog into everything – a total bummer. BUT, today the installs just went through with no restart required! If your work computers do this, you know what a big deal this is.

And so, I have started singing my new catchy jingle every time something good happens to me.

🎶 Everything’s coming up Bitsy! 🎶

I figured that as I’m having such a great day, I would spread some of the love around. So, here is a super special Friday BONUS BLOG on one of my absolute favorite sides a la Steven Michael. You will feel just as lucky as I do today when you sink your teeth into these roasted veggies! They pair well with literally any meal, and can be made using any of your favorite vegetables.

I hope that wherever you are, some of my luck is rubbing off on you as you read this post. Comment below and let me know how your day is going! I know I’ll be buying lottery tickets tonight 🤞, but for now I’m going back to work as my lunch break is over. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a huge promotion today!


Grilled Mahi Mahi Sliders with Mango Aioli

We had a guest chef in our house last night. Who, you might ask? I’ll give you some hints. 1) He is over seven feet tall. 2) He is an NBA legend and host of NBA on TNT. 3) He might be a genie. 4) Last but certainly not least, he has a great shoulder wiggle. I think you know who I’m talking about …

Here is the back story on how Shaquille O’Neal came to cook dinner for us. A few weeks ago, Steven Michael went grocery shopping and had an idea while walking the aisles. You see, we have had this great Mahi Mahi Slider recipe on deck for the blog, but it requires a grill and we perpetually have like 30 feet of snow here in Rochester, NY – conditions that don’t lend themselves to grilled fish for like half the year. Enter … THE SHAQ SMOKLESS GRILL AND PRESS. While at the grocery store, Steven Michael passed a similar countertop grill which sparked this epiphany, but being the thrifty shopper he is, he stopped at Target on the way home and discovered our new buddy, Shaq. (This is not a paid advertisement, we just really like it! #notanad)

And so, with our newfound favorite kitchen appliance, Steven Michael figured out how to make us these delicious fish sandwiches in the dead of winter. Truth be told, they are extra super amazing on a charcoal grill, as they are meant to be cooked, but we’re in week 67 of winter so …

I get really excited when Steven Michael makes these because they are filling but still light, and the sauce is just incredible. It’s creamy and fruity and everything a slider sauce should be. We paired these with some roasted brussels sprouts, carrots, mushrooms and onions. This is a great meal to have in your family repertoire because it is so fast and easy to make!

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Waffles Benedict

The entire premise of this blog is that I don’t help cook, but still get to eat. It’s super convenient for me because I have an excuse to say, “Oh sorry, no I can’t help you stir that right now, I’m writing down what you’re doing for the blog and I can’t miss a step.” Not that I ever really need to use that excuse, Steven Michael really is a one man show in the kitchen. I just sit in the dining room to keep him company and talk about our days while he works. We stay connected while he does what he loves and I wait in anticipation of doing what I love, eating.

However, when Steven Michael made these amazing Waffles Benedict, we didn’t follow our usual formula. So, for today only this will not be Feet Up In the Dining Room, it will be Asleep Upstairs In the Bedroom. That’s right, not only did I not help with the cooking, I didn’t even provide companionship. What a jerk. While I was drooling onto my satin pillow (gotta keep my curls looking fresh), Steven Michael ran 14 miles, went grocery shopping, and cooked a fantastic breakfast. I came downstairs just in time to take the last waffle out of the waffle iron and stuff my face with carby, buttery goodness. HOME RUN.

Steven Michael makes the best waffles. When we moved into our house a few years ago, we were trying to come up with new holiday traditions for our little family. That year, Santa brought us a new waffle iron so we could have Christmas morning waffles (if you’re in the market, I hear Santa shops at Kohls). That was when his Buttermilk Waffle recipe was born. A few months later, he decided to kick it up a notch by topping them with eggs and a delicious hollandaise sauce. For real, who doesn’t love a good benedict?

This morning was absolutely glorious. I got to sleep in and wake up to a truly drool worthy breakfast just waiting for me downstairs, and I didn’t even have to put on pants to enjoy it! I don’t take for granted how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful and talented husband in Steven Michael. We had what would have normally been our cooking time chat while eating, (it’s important to stay connected even when we’re not following our regular routine) and when we were stuffed to the brim, I did the dishes because I’m not a complete a-hole. It’s a give and take, and it works for us.

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