Primanti Brothers Sandwiches

As you know, Steven Michael and I love visiting Pittsburgh. It’s an awesome city with so much to see, do and EAT! Any native Yinzer will tell you, Primanti Brothers Sandwiches are a must have when visiting the city. There is a restaurant in pretty much every neighborhood, so it doesn’t matter where you’re staying, you can get one of these sandwiches easily!

The real deal sandwich features various protein options, provolone cheese, fresh cut French fries, sweet and sour coleslaw, and tomatoes layered on slices of home made Italian bread. That’s right, it’s a FRENCH FRY SANDWICH!

The original Primanti Brothers Sandwich is fantastic, but we thought it would be fun to take the general idea and put our own spin on it. At the restaurant, they have a number of different meat/protein options. I usually go for the double egg version, and Steven Michael either does the same or gets the turkey. When we made them at home, we stuck to our usual choices.

We tweaked a lot of things, but made two major changes. First, we decided to make a creamy coleslaw instead of the vinegar based one use at the restaurant. Second, we used frozen French fries. Normally, we preach fresh food all day long but French fries are the one exception to that rule. Frozen fries are just better in every way. Fresh cut sounds great, but just doesn’t deliver (in our opinion).

The result of our experiment was ridiculously good – like FOR REAL. If you’ve ever had a Primanti Brothers sandwich, give our version and try and let us know what you think!