Mexican Salty Bread Pizza

As promised, here is a fun recipe to use with the Red Chicken posted last week!

Normally we use it for tacos or rice bowls, but when the Salty Bread Gods smile down on you, you change things up. As many of you know, Steven Michael is a wholesale baker at a local Rochester area bread bakery, Amazing Grains Bread Co. This particular bakery is known specifically for their absolutely AMAZING salty bread. I really can’t gush enough about this stuff, and I apologize to our readers outside of Rochester because you are seriously missing out. I (and pretty much everyone else) have been known to down an entire loaf on my own without even realizing it. In fact, the owners often joke about people coming in and ordering two loaves, one for the ride home and one to share with their families.

So, when Steven came home from work with two loaves of the good stuff (he’s one of very few people that can resist the salty temptation for a whole car ride), he knew exactly what to do with it – Mexican Salty Bread Pizzas! He turned it into garlic bread, loaded them up with Red Chicken and cheese, and threw them in the oven. The result was salty, garlicy, cheesy, taste bud heaven. Gullet stuffing commenced immediately. (On a side note, my bestie who proof reads all of these posts for me, hates when I say “gullet”. Challenge accepted!)

What is that one local food you just can’t get enough of? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Red Chicken

June has arrived! The summer weather is in full swing, bringing with it shorts, swimming, PRIDE and humungous hair. (Shout out to my fellow curlies!) We’re looking forward to our summertime travels, seeing family and friends that we miss very much.

While we wait for school to end and vacations to start, we thought you might enjoy this tasty chicken recipe that winds up on our table pretty often. We use Red Chicken in tacos, burritos, rice bowls or other crazy concoctions. We even featured it in a special at our former restaurant some time ago. It may have a simple name, but it’s packed with flavor. Steven Michael originally made this for burrito night last week, but we had extra, so he dreamed up something that turned out pretty great – stayed tuned for that recipe later this week!

Where are you traveling this summer? Let us know where you’re going in the comments below!


My Favorite Chicken Salad

Good morning and happy Friday! I’m so glad you chose to join me this morning for a little chat and a killer recipe.

Weekends are a great time for fast, easy meals – more time for playing outside or working on your hobbies! This chicken salad ticks all of the boxes you’re looking for in a satisfying lunch. It requires pretty much no effort, and packs a lot of flavor. The tart Craisins and sweet apples pair perfectly with the saltiness of the mayo and bite of the onions. As an added bonus, you can feel good about being lazy and buy a rotisserie chicken from the store. If you prefer a sweeter salad, you could always leave the onions out, we have done it both ways (but you know how much I love onions 😉).

When I eat this, I prefer just the salad alone on a good Kaiser roll. My default mode is Plain Jane. Steven Michael, however, likes to add some flair with lettuce, tomatoes, and a little bit of turkey bacon. It really is customizable to your taste. Ellis still lives off of PB&J, pizza and dinosaur chicken nuggets so he wouldn’t touch it. His loss!

I’m getting my second dose of the vaccine this afternoon, but we’ll be back on Tuesday with another great recipe and a few more antibodies, woo!


Greek Chicken Pitas

When you decide to have kids, you picture all of the snuggles and kisses, and them lovingly calling you “Mama”. You see them melting into your arms at the end of a long day at school, because you are their safe space. You think they’ll confide all of their problems to you, and you’ll help to shape them into not just well functioning, but confident, kind and thriving adults. Not once in my journey into motherhood did I ever imagine that I would be starting my day with a stuffed pig calling me ugly. Bear with me, I’ll get there.

This morning, Ellis called me into his room early to let me know that Piggy, the stuffed version of the pig from If You Give a Pig a Pancake, told him that Mom and Dad love each other more than they love Ellis. If you’ve read the story, you know that this particular pig is greedy, entitled and rude. Still, you never really see this kind of behavior coming, you expect more from people, and pigs. So, Ellis was upset because even after he told Piggy that just wasn’t true, Piggy insisted that it was. After assuring Ellis that Mom and Dad love him more than anything in the world, and that all three of us are a family and will always be there for each other, I gave Piggy a stern look and told him to be nice. How silly of me to think a look would be enough …

Fast forward about 30 minutes, I was standing in the kitchen making Ellis a bowl of cereal. Ellis walked in with that freaking pig and said, “Mama, Piggy said that you’re ugly.” Remaining calm, I explained that we don’t say mean things like that in this house and took Piggy to time out in the living room. I may have seated him in what looked like a very uncomfortable position on his chair, because f#$% that guy. Ellis finished his breakfast, got an apology from Piggy, and we were off to school. When Ellis asked if Piggy could join him, I said as long as he could be nice, he was welcome to go to school. Really, I just didn’t want to look at his smug little face while I work, so off to school for Piggy!

You’re probably asking yourself what any of this has to do with Greek Chicken Pitas. The answer is absolutely nothing, but someone had to know about the pig with the mouth, and now you do. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s talk pitas. This is a really delicious, fresh, homecooked meal that will be a treat for any family. Steven Michael has tweaked this recipe over the years, landing on what is really one of my favorite staple meals in our house. The chicken is juicy and well flavored, the Tzatziki is incredible (and you’ll have some leftover for dipping pitas – SCORE), and the crisp veggies make this taste super fresh and satisfying. Pair that with the salty goodness of feta cheese, and you have a real winner!

I am really enjoying sharing my life and experiences with all of you, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading them! I would love to hear from you in the comments below, or on any of our social media platforms. This afternoon, I’ll be having some conversations with Ellis about hiding behind his stuffed animals to say mean things. In the meantime, here’s hoping Piggy gets “lost” in the classroom!