Fish Foil Packet

SPRING IS IN THE AIR! Here in Rochester, New York, we’re finally getting a taste of Spring that looks like it might stick around. This entire week will be in the mid sixties, and people all over town are doing happy dances! This was a long, cold winter and, compounded with COVID, it was hard to stay positive. This burst of sunshine is exactly what we all need!

In a happy accident, I took Monday and Tuesday off from work without knowing what the weather was going to be. On Monday, our dog Sawyer and I took a long walk, and I cleared off our back deck for the season. Today, I plan to walk again and spend some time reading outside. Just being in the open air with the sun on my face is putting some much needed pep back into my step.

The weather turning around has me thinking about some positive changes that I need to make for myself. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been recovering from hip surgery for the last few months, but it has been a full year since my initial injury. Consequently, I haven’t been able to take care of myself the way that I wanted to as far as exercise is concerned. Since my surgery, I have been working towards being able to run again, as that was my main form of exercise for the past few years. I trained for almost two years to run a half marathon that I completed in November of 2019, just before my injury. Unfortunately, my doctors recently advised that running is not a viable long term form of exercise for me, based on the condition of the cartilage and soft tissues surrounding my hip joint post surgery. Initially, this was very difficult for me to hear. I spent an entire year striving towards one thing, being able to run – and now that is gone. I gave myself a few days to eat my feelings, my coping mechanism of choice (see Party Time Pudding), and then started to figure out my new plan.

This coming Wednesday, my new stationary spin bike is being delivered. My doctors recommended that I find a low impact alternative to running like biking or using an elliptical. After a lot of research into different bikes and the Peloton craze, I purchased a Sunny Magnetic Cycling Indoor bike and plan to use the Peloton App on my tablet. Steven Michael and I cleaned out a space for me in the garage and for the first time in a while, I’m excited about the physical activity in my future.

The food part is all on me, not my injury. Bad choices have led to bad results, and I need to take responsibility for that. So, I am publicly pledging to make better food choices going forward, starting with today’s blog. I’ve said this before, but after a few sugary or grease filled meals, my body craves real food. This fish foil packet does have some fat in it because of the butter, but it is all actual, not garbage, food. I’m back on the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) train, and counted this meal at about 13-15 points (blue plan) depending on how much tartar sauce you use. While that sounds high due to the carbs/butter, it’s all about balance and I was able to do that by eating more zero point foods (fruits and veggies) earlier in the day.

Here’s hoping that just like the weather, my resolve to do better is here to stay. Our blog will still be a mixture of healthy and not so healthy foods, don’t worry! Even while making good choices, a cheat meal here and there is a welcome treat. I would love to connect with you in the comments below or on any of our social media platforms to hear about how you have found a good balance in your diets. Tips are greatly appreciated!

We’ll see you later this week with another great recipe!