Burrito Fresco

Apple Crispitos – A Burrito Fresco Recipe

Is there anything more American than apple pie? Maybe baseball and hot dogs, but I have my sweet tooth ready to go so I’m sticking with the apples!

Today we are sharing another Burrito Fresco (our former restaurant) recipe. While it isn’t a traditional American apple pie, we took the same general filling, wrapped it up and deep fried it. Now that I’m thinking about it, I would like to amend my earlier statement. Is there anything more American than apple pie or deep fried food? Yes, deep fried apple pie-ish food!

In the restaurant, we cooked these to order and served them piping hot wrapped in foil. They are fantastic on their own, but you can also kick them up a notch by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Since closing our doors, we have made these on multiple occasions and they are always a big hit. For us and those that loved the restaurant, they are a double whammy of nostalgia combining the comfort of apple pie with memories of our time spent in Burrito Fresco.

As you’ll notice in the pictures below, I was an active participant in making these. That’s right, I got my ass off of the dining room chair and actually helped Steven Michael make something. I did this partially because making these reminds me of a great time in our lives, working together in the restaurant kitchen, and partially because no one can roll a crispito like I can. When you find your calling in life, you just know – and I was made to roll crispitos!

What kind of food makes you nostalgic? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! We’ll be back in a few days with another great recipe!


My Favorite Chicken Salad

Good morning and happy Friday! I’m so glad you chose to join me this morning for a little chat and a killer recipe.

Weekends are a great time for fast, easy meals – more time for playing outside or working on your hobbies! This chicken salad ticks all of the boxes you’re looking for in a satisfying lunch. It requires pretty much no effort, and packs a lot of flavor. The tart Craisins and sweet apples pair perfectly with the saltiness of the mayo and bite of the onions. As an added bonus, you can feel good about being lazy and buy a rotisserie chicken from the store. If you prefer a sweeter salad, you could always leave the onions out, we have done it both ways (but you know how much I love onions 😉).

When I eat this, I prefer just the salad alone on a good Kaiser roll. My default mode is Plain Jane. Steven Michael, however, likes to add some flair with lettuce, tomatoes, and a little bit of turkey bacon. It really is customizable to your taste. Ellis still lives off of PB&J, pizza and dinosaur chicken nuggets so he wouldn’t touch it. His loss!

I’m getting my second dose of the vaccine this afternoon, but we’ll be back on Tuesday with another great recipe and a few more antibodies, woo!