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BONUS BLOG – Perfectly Textured Tofu

Welcome to our first BONUS BLOG! We plan to do these shorter blog posts occasionally when we have a dish or technique to share that will be used in other recipes in the future. Today, we’re talking about tofu! We will be featuring a few tofu dishes on Feet Up in the Dining Room, the first of which will be shared on Tuesday.

In our family, we eat a good amount of poultry and seafood but we also love to use tofu. Many people are put off by the texture, and I don’t blame them. If you were to just take it out of the container, drain it and cook it, you would have something that’s mushy and relatively tasteless. However, if you know how to make it properly, tofu can be a really excellent meat replacement for any dish!

Pre-COVID, we would have people over for dinner often. As many of our friends are strictly vegetarian or vegan, we have quite a few meat free recipes in our rotation. In fact, our former restaurant, Burrito Fresco, was known for being extremely veggie friendly as we made sure our non-meat options were up to par and delicious, not just substitutions.

Below, we share a technique for cooking tofu that Steven Michael has perfected over the years. Through a lot of trial and error, he was able to find a way to make tofu with the perfect texture, while keeping it healthy. It’s common for people to fry their tofu in an attempt to fix the texture, instead Steven Michael bakes it to avoid adding extra fat . This is just a technique and not a full recipe, however, this will be linked back to for future recipes starting with our next post this coming Tuesday, BBQ Tofu Bowls. We hope you enjoy!

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