Primanti Brothers Sandwiches

As you know, Steven Michael and I love visiting Pittsburgh. It’s an awesome city with so much to see, do and EAT! Any native Yinzer will tell you, Primanti Brothers Sandwiches are a must have when visiting the city. There is a restaurant in pretty much every neighborhood, so it doesn’t matter where you’re staying, you can get one of these sandwiches easily!

The real deal sandwich features various protein options, provolone cheese, fresh cut French fries, sweet and sour coleslaw, and tomatoes layered on slices of home made Italian bread. That’s right, it’s a FRENCH FRY SANDWICH!

The original Primanti Brothers Sandwich is fantastic, but we thought it would be fun to take the general idea and put our own spin on it. At the restaurant, they have a number of different meat/protein options. I usually go for the double egg version, and Steven Michael either does the same or gets the turkey. When we made them at home, we stuck to our usual choices.

We tweaked a lot of things, but made two major changes. First, we decided to make a creamy coleslaw instead of the vinegar based one use at the restaurant. Second, we used frozen French fries. Normally, we preach fresh food all day long but French fries are the one exception to that rule. Frozen fries are just better in every way. Fresh cut sounds great, but just doesn’t deliver (in our opinion).

The result of our experiment was ridiculously good – like FOR REAL. If you’ve ever had a Primanti Brothers sandwich, give our version and try and let us know what you think!


Tomato Tortellini Soup

🎶 School’s out for summer! 🎶

That’s right, Ellis is officially done with Preschool! The little dude graduated last week and is off to Kindergarten in the fall. While other children yelled hello to their parents during the ceremony, our special boy waited for complete silence before screaming, “hi, Butts!” (We’re Butts.)

Ellis after graduation with his new “guy” named Ms. Valvo, after his teacher

It’s funny how I have already forgotten what it was like to have him home with me all day in the beginning of the pandemic. We were spoiled with full day Preschool! This week, I got a sharp reminder with 3687 snack requests, 105638 “you gotta see this!” exclamations and 459 potty breaks. Having a child stuck to your butt 24/7 is an experience. Of course, the 3 times he snuggled into my side while I was working made everything ok.

There have been a few wet days here lately, so Steven Michael decided to make a soup to really bring home the cozy rainy day feels. This Tomato Tortellini Soup takes a recipe we used to use for specials in the restaurant (Cheese Quesadillas and Tomato Soup), and kicks it up to another level by adding Tortellini. Fun fact, I used to, and honestly still do, call Tortellini belly buttons – shout out to my mom for turning me into a cannibal. Ellis was very confused when I told him what we were having for dinner, but we all know he wasn’t going to try it anyway.

How are you starting your summer? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!


Mexican Salty Bread Pizza

As promised, here is a fun recipe to use with the Red Chicken posted last week!

Normally we use it for tacos or rice bowls, but when the Salty Bread Gods smile down on you, you change things up. As many of you know, Steven Michael is a wholesale baker at a local Rochester area bread bakery, Amazing Grains Bread Co. This particular bakery is known specifically for their absolutely AMAZING salty bread. I really can’t gush enough about this stuff, and I apologize to our readers outside of Rochester because you are seriously missing out. I (and pretty much everyone else) have been known to down an entire loaf on my own without even realizing it. In fact, the owners often joke about people coming in and ordering two loaves, one for the ride home and one to share with their families.

So, when Steven came home from work with two loaves of the good stuff (he’s one of very few people that can resist the salty temptation for a whole car ride), he knew exactly what to do with it – Mexican Salty Bread Pizzas! He turned it into garlic bread, loaded them up with Red Chicken and cheese, and threw them in the oven. The result was salty, garlicy, cheesy, taste bud heaven. Gullet stuffing commenced immediately. (On a side note, my bestie who proof reads all of these posts for me, hates when I say “gullet”. Challenge accepted!)

What is that one local food you just can’t get enough of? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Red Chicken

June has arrived! The summer weather is in full swing, bringing with it shorts, swimming, PRIDE and humungous hair. (Shout out to my fellow curlies!) We’re looking forward to our summertime travels, seeing family and friends that we miss very much.

While we wait for school to end and vacations to start, we thought you might enjoy this tasty chicken recipe that winds up on our table pretty often. We use Red Chicken in tacos, burritos, rice bowls or other crazy concoctions. We even featured it in a special at our former restaurant some time ago. It may have a simple name, but it’s packed with flavor. Steven Michael originally made this for burrito night last week, but we had extra, so he dreamed up something that turned out pretty great – stayed tuned for that recipe later this week!

Where are you traveling this summer? Let us know where you’re going in the comments below!

Burrito Fresco

Apple Crispitos – A Burrito Fresco Recipe

Is there anything more American than apple pie? Maybe baseball and hot dogs, but I have my sweet tooth ready to go so I’m sticking with the apples!

Today we are sharing another Burrito Fresco (our former restaurant) recipe. While it isn’t a traditional American apple pie, we took the same general filling, wrapped it up and deep fried it. Now that I’m thinking about it, I would like to amend my earlier statement. Is there anything more American than apple pie or deep fried food? Yes, deep fried apple pie-ish food!

In the restaurant, we cooked these to order and served them piping hot wrapped in foil. They are fantastic on their own, but you can also kick them up a notch by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Since closing our doors, we have made these on multiple occasions and they are always a big hit. For us and those that loved the restaurant, they are a double whammy of nostalgia combining the comfort of apple pie with memories of our time spent in Burrito Fresco.

As you’ll notice in the pictures below, I was an active participant in making these. That’s right, I got my ass off of the dining room chair and actually helped Steven Michael make something. I did this partially because making these reminds me of a great time in our lives, working together in the restaurant kitchen, and partially because no one can roll a crispito like I can. When you find your calling in life, you just know – and I was made to roll crispitos!

What kind of food makes you nostalgic? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! We’ll be back in a few days with another great recipe!


Shrimp Po’ Boys

Spring has certainly sprung here in Rochester, and we’ve been enjoying the sunshine! Yesterday, Ellis rode his big boy bike for the first time! He was scared, but powered through and had a great time. I know as soon as he gets the hang of it, we’ll have to stop him from flying down hills and doing crazy jumps – the joys of raising a little boy.

Now that I’m mostly healed from my hip surgery this winter, Sawyer (our dog) and I have been taking at least one or two walks every day. I was worried that I wouldn’t be outside as much now that I’m not able to run, but Sawyer has made sure I get my daily dose of Vitamin D.

Steven Michael and Ellis have both been having a great time with their running adventures. Steven Michael is keeping up with his training and Ellis’ running class is ending this week with a lap-a-thon for charity. All of the DeLorme’s are staying active!

All of this sunshine reminds me of one of my favorite places on Earth, Sanibel Island in Florida. My family has been vacationing there since I was five years old, and both my parents and grandparents have winter homes on the island. Sanibel is the only place that I have seen Po’ Boys on a menu (at the Island Cow), though I know that they are well loved everywhere. So, when Steven Michael suggested that we use them for a blog recipe, I channeled all of the summertime/Sanibel vibes and gladly agreed.

These sandwiches were gigantic! We made two huge ones, but they could have easily fed four people. Anything with fried shrimp is a winner for me and these home made ones were killer. The sauce is great and the lettuce gave it a fresh crispness. Steven Michael had tomatoes on his, but they aren’t my favorite so I passed. These are a great summer meal!

Let me know what your favorite summer dishes are in the comments below, and who knows, maybe Steven Michael will attempt to make one!



Now that Steven Michael and I are both vaccinated, we were finally able to get away for a nice weekend in Pittsburgh! Pre-COVID, Pittsburgh was one of our favorite places to go as it’s not too far, and has a ton of great food and things to do. This trip was exactly what we needed, a delicious taste of normalcy, pun intended!

Most of our travels are centered around food (obviously lol). We pretty much eat our way through a city and Pittsburgh is no exception. On this trip, we got to try our favorite breakfast spot for dinner and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! The Pub Chip Shop on E Carson Street has these amazing homemade biscuits with honey butter and just … 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤. These are the kind of biscuits that we talk about months after a trip, and make specific plans to drive four hours to get again!

Buttermilk Biscuit and Honey Butter from the Pub Chip Shop

On Friday night, we checked out the Pub Chip Shop’s dinner menu and OMG! So many amazing fried seafood options (it’s a fish and chips place), it was hard to choose one! Steven Michael got the Surf and Turf, which in this case was hand battered chicken and haddock with fresh cut fries. If there is fried shrimp on a menu, I’m all over it. We ended up eating in the car, which we’re used to after this year, because they aren’t open for indoor dining quite yet. They just put the food directly in paper bags that we ripped the tops off of and dove into. They even gave us some free house made donuts, score! Both of our meals were amazing to the point where we debated going back for dinner the next night, but ultimately decided we needed more content for you, our readers (you’re welcome).

However, just because we chose to go somewhere else for dinner the next night, doesn’t mean we didn’t run right back to the Pub Chip Shop for breakfast the next morning! I got two biscuits with honey butter, because give me allllllll the biscuits, and Steven Michael got a chicken fried sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on a hand made roll called a bap.

Sausage Egg and Cheese at the Pub Chip Shop

Eventually, we peeled ourselves away from the Pub Chip Shop and explored the city. Pittsburgh has so many things to see! We spent some time in the Strip District that is lined with shops, restaurants and a farmer’s market. We got some cool metal art for our house, a new spice blend that you will be hearing about in a future blog, a ton of candy, a variety of root beers and sea monkeys (for Ellis)! On a friend’s recommendation, we tried a place called Peace, Love and Little Donuts and holy moly! We went a little nuts a bough a dozen crazy flavored mini donuts because they looked so good!

Peace Love and Little Donuts
Root Beers from Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop

We drove to Point State Park and walked along the river taking Polaroids of people and giving the pictures to them – it was a beautiful day! Then we took a chance and went to a place called Randyland, where we didn’t really know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised to find this funky little house covered in bright colored art that just radiated happiness to everyone around it. We even bought a shirt and mug to remember such a cool place!

For our last meal in the city, we tried Condado for some delicious tacos and dips. They had something for everyone, with make your own tacos that included meat, vegetarian and vegan options. We have already decided that we have to go back to try more things!

We had so much fun getting away for a few days, relaxing and not worrying about any responsibilities. We left Pittsburgh will full bellies, full hearts and a trunk full of IKEA furniture (as one does when a store is nearby). We have a tradition any time we take a trip to do a Ukulele cover, so I will leave you with that. Enjoy!

I Don’t Want to Know by Fleetwood Mac


Onion Rings

Guys … I get to write a blog about one of my favorite things! ONIONS! As you know from my onion rant in The Peanut Stew Incident of 2021, I have an obsession with the (literal) stinkers. Bread those suckers and deep fry them and you’ll find me drooling at the table.

For Mother’s Day this past weekend, I ate a lot of my favorite things. My day started with Sprinkle Waffles, I had ice cream for lunch and I requested Turkey Meatball Subs for dinner. I wasn’t allowed to help with anything all day, so I got to relax with my feet up in the living room (it’s kind of my thing) while Steven Michael cooked dinner. Imagine my surprise when I heard the sizzle of something being fried, and my utter delight to find out they were homemade onion rings!

Lucky for all of you, Steven Michael was nice enough to document the process knowing that I would want to post about them! They were salty, crunchy and everything good about food that is terrible for you. Pass the plate, I want some more!


Bang Bang Shrimp Bowl

It has been an eventful few days in the DeLorme house!

Ellis has joined a Kids Run the Nation running class that meets twice a week and he absolutely loves it! Steven Michael and I are helping to coach the kids, so it’s a family affair. On Friday night, Steven Michael and I were finally able to meet up with some good friends for dinner and ice cream. It was so great to do something normal and feel safe while doing it!

Ellis also recently had his first scary fall, and has now learned that running on couches isn’t a great idea … especially when there is a coffee table nearby to catch your face on the way down! Don’t worry, he’s ok and assures us that the huge bruise on his cheek doesn’t hurt at all (unless he pushes on it reeeeeeeaaaalllly hard). Sometimes we have to learn lessons the hard way, but he’s still a cutie pie with one chipmunk cheek!

With Mother’s Day tomorrow, we’re having a quiet evening at home tonight. For my big day I have requested to play mini golf as a family and have Turkey Meatball Subs for dinner, yay! I’m looking forward to our family day very much!

I’m feeling good, so I thought I would share a recipe that might make you all feel good too! Steven Michael made this for the first time a few months ago, before this blog was ever a thought. When we decided to start on this blogging adventure, we knew Bang Bang Shrimp Bowls had to make an appearance at some point. Here they are! These are so sweet and saucy, and I’m a sucker for a good noodle dish. Maybe you moms out there can request it for your special dinner tomorrow!

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!


Turkey Meatball Subs

I’m back! I promised that I would take this weekend and get my $#!+ together, so here I am with another fantastic recipe for you to try! Sometimes you just need a weekend away with the girls (all fully vaccinated, of course) to reset your priorities and get back on track with your food blog.

My friends Leia, Nichole and I had a lovely weekend at Greek Peak Mountain Resort riding the Mountain Coaster and water slides, relaxing in the wave pool, drinking absurd amounts of champagne, eating a lot of food and laughing our asses off. After a few glasses of the good stuff, we did our makeup, put on some wigs, and ran down the hallway to record a little snippet of a Charlie Puth song in the stairwell, because 🤷‍♀️?

One Call Away by Charlie Puth … in wigs.

We had so much fun! It’s been so long since we’ve done something normal that I started out a little nervous. But good friends and big laughs quickly eased all of my fears. I’m so thankful for these ladies and their ability to put up with my sense of humor for long periods of time!

Now that I’m back home and back to the reality of the day to day, I thought it would be nice to share my current favorite meal that Steven Michael makes for me, Turkey Meatball Subs! I ask for these all the time, like at least once a week. They are cheesy and saucy and full of amazing flavors that just melt together in your mouth. I promise you will love them too!

I’ll be back to share another adventure/recipe in a few days! Until then, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Where is your favorite friends weekend getaway?