Telera Rolls

Thanksgiving is one week away! A holiday centered around eating is my kind of holiday!

In honor of this great day of stuffing our faces, we would like to share one of our favorite recipes. So gather your loved ones and prime your gullets for some quality CARBS.

Steven Michael originally created these Telera Rolls to use for Mexican tortas, but quickly realized that they can be used for literally anything. In the pictures below, you’ll see one of our favorite options – brie and orange marmalade sandwiches. These are sweet and creamy and everything good about food.

For Thanksgiving, these are great dinner rolls if you leave off the sugared top. Heck, live a little and leave it on!

We’ll be staying home this year and having another immediate family holiday with our favorite Stuffing Topped Mac & Cheese as the star of the table. What is your signature Thanksgiving dish? Share in the comments below!


Banana Rum Coconut Muffins

We’ve had a lot of overripe bananas lately, so Steven Michael came up with some new ways to use them. Of course, we made his amazing Banana Bread first!

Next up, were these Banana Rum Coconut Muffins. I am NOT a fan of coconut, but somehow, these weren’t offensive to me. They have that delicious banana bread-esq taste with a little tropical flair that I was not mad at. When I like something random with coconut in it, Steven Michael is always quick to remind me of the time I inhaled a coconut cream pie. I have no regrets – that $#!+ was tasty!

What is something that you don’t normally like, but is ok in one particular dish? Let us know in the comments below!

Burrito Fresco, Sides

Salsa Verde – A Burrito Fresco Recipe

When the only way your life is kept in order is with a detailed list of perfectly timed phone reminders, something is bound to go wrong. For example, last Sunday when my weekly “Write Blog” reminder went off and I accidentally marked it as completed instead of resetting it to remind me again in a few hours. The result? NO BLOG LAST WEEK! Talk about a spooky end to October!

However, here we are in November, new phone reminders set, a ton of recipes on deck and so much to be thankful for! We hope you enjoy this Salsa Verde from our restaurant, Burrito Fresco, as much as our former manager Keighty does. Seriously, she loves it and we know you will too!

Have you ever forgotten to do something when your electronics didn’t to remind you? Tell us what happened in the comments below!


Veggie Chili

When the weather gets chilly, it’s time for chili!

This Veggie Chili is exactly what you are craving this fall. It’s full of veggies and beans and all that chili goodness. Steven Michael will make a pot on Sunday and we’ll eat it all week in different forms. It’s more than enough to feed a family! With this pot, we had the chili by itself, chili dogs (with vegan sausages), and chili cheese dip. The possibilities are endless!

He usually makes it as outlined in this recipe, but occasionally he’ll add ground turkey and that’s fantastic too! You can even pair it with his SUPER AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS Cornbread recipe that we posted last week!

What is your favorite fall food that warms you from the inside? Share in the comments below!



I am writing this from the audience of a very special wrestling show in my living room. Ellis, a.k.a. Crazy Master has been putting on quite a show against the formidable giant Peep stuffed animal. His special moves are Lightening Shots and the Peep Crasher!

This particular arena has some really excellent ring side snacks, my personal favorite being the cornbread. Steven Michael’s cornbread recipe is so easy to make, and so easy to eat an entire pan of in one sitting. You have been warned!

You just might need to pay Crazy Master to come over and put you in the Peep Crasher when you try to go back for your fourth or fifth piece!

What would your wrestling name/special moves be? Let us know in the comments below!


Grilled Salmon on Coconut Rice

As promised, here is a great meal that is only made greater with the addition of Mango Tango Sauce! This has a little bit of everything – savory, sweet, protein, carbs and even fruit!

Even though coconut isn’t my favorite, I still enjoyed eating this (but don’t tell Steven Michael because I don’t want to give him any coco-nutty ideas 🤐). Coconut is tricky for me. Generally speaking, I don’t like it at all. But there have been a few things, usually mixed with a ton of sugar a la coconut cream pie, that make it bearable. Apparently, this rice joins the list as well.

What’s something that you don’t typically enjoy eating but you’ve found okay in some cases – a.k.a. What’s your coconut? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Burrito Fresco

Mango Tango – A Burrito Fresco Recipe

The peaches are here! When we had our restaurant, peach season meant it was time to offer our very popular seasonal sauce, Mango Tango.

This sweet sauce goes really well with fish, pork, or your open mouth and a squeeze bottle. Stay tuned for our next blog showing how to pair this sauce with a delicious meal!


Spinach Ricotta Grilled Cheese

You may notice a theme in the next few weeks of our blog – FAST! As I mentioned last week, back to school season has us busy busy busy with little time to plan and execute elaborate meals.

Sometimes, the simplest meals are the best anyway! The recipe this week is a great example of just that. You really can’t go wrong with any form of grilled cheese, and this Spinach Ricotta version did NOT disappoint!

The recipe is written per sandwich, so make sure to gather enough ingredients for however many you plan to eat. Full disclosure, we each ate two of these bad boys because they were truly that good!

TIP – Get a good sourdough bread from a local bakery. It will make alllllll the difference! We got ours from Amazing Grains Bread Co.

What’s your favorite way to dress up a grilled cheese? Let us know in the comments below!


Thai Peanut Bowls with Tofu

It’s official, we have a Kindergartener! Ellis started school last week, and is LOVING it so far. He is especially fond of the bus, and has been known to give high fives all the way up the aisle on his way out the door. In other words, Ellis gonna Ellis. 🤷‍♀️

The school year brings us more consistency in our schedule, and therefore, more at home dinners that we can turn into blogs. Lucky you! This week, we’re sharing Thai Peanut Bowls with Tofu that were fantastic! Steven Michael actually tried this a while ago and it wasn’t quite right. So, he took some notes, made some changes and really nailed it!

These were quick to make after a long day, and exceptionally tasty. It has a little bit of everything that you need – fat from the peanut butter, carbs from the noodles, and a load of veggies. It’s also a much better use of Peanut Butter than the Peanut Stew Incident of 2021. Trust me.

What are some of your favorite quick meals during the back to school craziness? Share in the comments below!

Baking, Bread

Pepperoni Bread

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, how can I eat as many carbs as humanly possible today? Just me? Ok then ….

Well, if you ever do happen to have that particular craving, look no further than Steven Michael’s Pepperoni Bread! We used turkey pepperoni because we’re awesome or lame depending on who you’re asking.

After downing a loaf each, Steven Michael and I sat in our Pepperoni Bread comas watching Dawson’s Creek. Fun fact, we met when a mutual friend discovered our shared love for the Creek and brought us together. Though we’ll never agree on who should have ended up with Joey (clearly Pacey and I won’t hear any of this Dawson nonsense), we like to watch reruns on our date nights and fight about it. True Love (if you get that reference, you’re our kind of people). Steven Michael even proposed to me on the actual creek in Wilmington, NC while we were on a road trip down to Disney. Yes, I was being a jerk about making the extra out of the way stop, and yes, I swiftly put my foot in my mouth.

How did you meet your significant other or best friend? Did you almost ruin your own proposal by being a jerk? Tell us about it in the comments below!