Date Night

Date Night! (FINALLY)

Today’s post is going to be a little bit different because we don’t have a recipe to share. We’re embracing what this blog is becoming; a hybrid food/lifestyle blog filled with yummy treats and snippets of our lives.

This weekend, something amazing happened. As more and more people in our inner circle get vaccinated, we can move around a little more freely. Notably, Ellis’s Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents are now vaccinated, so we feel comfortable with them spending time with him. As you can imagine, the minute everyone passed the two week mark after their second shots, our phone starting ringing with requests to spend some time with our little dude. It just so happened that three of those requests lined up this past Friday, leaving us kid-free from 3pm until 10:30am on Saturday!

Pre-COVID, Steven Michael and I used to have date nights every Friday evening while Ellis spent a few hours with his Aunt. While we’ve continued to have our Friday night car take-out dates, Ellis has been with us in the back seat for a year now. Those dates have also been super fun for all of us, and I’m thankful that the pandemic gave us that time together. But, it’s also healthy to have one on one adult time to just be together as a couple. So, we jumped at the chance to have our first kid-free date night in a year!

(It’s important to point out that none of the things that I am about to tell you about are sponsored. This is just what we did and why we did it.)

The second I got out of work, we were out the door and on our way to dinner. Here in Rochester, we have an amazing food scene, including a quick serve Indian restaurant called Naan-Tastic. We probably had about 50% of our Friday night car take-out dates there throughout the last year. The same people that own Naan-Tastic also own a sit down Indian restaurant called Thali of India that we have been waiting to go to until we were both fully vaccinated. It was time!

I am not exaggerating when I say that it was probably one of the best meals I have had in my entire life! Paneer Makhani might as well be running through my veins at this point, and this was just on a whole other level. If you’ve never tried it – YOU. ARE. MISSING. OUT. We also got the chicken curry and every vegetarian appetizer that they had (we were hungry). We both ate way too much food because we just couldn’t stop.

Chicken Curry and Paneer Makhani over Basmati Rice from Thali of India
Amazing Naan from Thali of India

If you haven’t heard of the Adventure Challenge books before, I highly suggest you check them out. They have a few different versions, but we have the Couples and Family editions and love them! Basically, they are books filled with scratch off boxes that describe dates or activities to participate in. You choose a box based on the title and clues that they give you, do the activity, then write a short description of what you did and stick a picture next to it. Every one that we’ve done so far has been great, but I think this one really took the cake.

After our amazing dinner, we scratched off this date:


  1. Each of you write down your ultimate date idea for the night. This is your chance to make it all about what you want.
  2. Select one item from your house (keep it a secret) that you will take to a pawn shop to sell.
  3. Whoever sells their item for more money gets to choose the date idea for the night!
  4. Combine the money you got to pay for your date.

I immediately started freaking out because I’ve never been to a pawn shop, I have no idea what kind of things they would buy, and I don’t really own anything that I would want to sell. Steven Michael absolutely had a leg up on me for this challenge because he has an entire room full of band and music equipment that he was happy to sell. He grabbed a practice guitar amp and I ended up with a small bag of random costume jewelry. The only pawn shop open late enough is really more of a gold/jewelry pawn shop. Needless to say, they didn’t want any of our crap! Steven Michael ended up winning by default because his was actually worth some money, even though they didn’t want to buy it.

My legs and Steven Michael’s Rejected Amp Outside of the Pawn Shop

And so, Steven Michael got to decide what we were going to do for the rest of the night. We ended up getting ice cream from Moonlight Creamery in Fairport, because we don’t know how to say no to food. While we were there, we picked up some milk chocolate covered caramels and an insanely delicious rice crispy treat filled with some kind of cookies and cream business. (Have I mentioned my unhealthy relationship with food lately?)

Butterbeer Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone from Moonlight Creamery
Cookies and Cream Rice Crispy Treat made by The Crispery

We walked around Fairport eating our ice cream, then headed home to watch a movie of Steven Michael’s choice – he won fair and square. He chose Beyond Barricades: The Story of Anti-Flag, a documentary on the band. As we snuggled into bed, still eating like idiots, we both knew we should stop, but we just couldn’t!

Fast forward to the next morning, still stuffed to the brim, I sleepily turned to Steven and asked if he wanted to go out to breakfast – he did. An hour later, we had added Cheesecake Stuffed Challah French Toast, pancakes, eggs and bacon from the Highland Park Diner to the mix with no regrets.

Our Breakfast Spread from the Highland Park Diner

When we picked up Ellis a little while later, he was outside playing baseball with his Aunt and Uncle. He told us all about the pancakes he had for breakfast, and I couldn’t help but laugh a little. You have no idea, kid …

We’ll see you again in a few days with a great recipe! Drop a comment below or on social media and let us know what you like to do on your date nights!

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  1. Great blog!!! Love the Adventure idea and definitely enjoyed the food choices! Thanks again for a fun, entertaining read!

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