Nice to Meet You!

Hello, Reader! As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, this is not your average food blog. I can’t cook … at all. But I can eat … a lot. By sheer luck, I married a man who loves to cook, and just happens to be exceptionally good at it. This blog is meant to be a fun, lighthearted commentary on my husband’s cooking, while I don’t help at all and watch from the dining room. Take a seat!

We are Bitsy and Steven Michael DeLorme, adorable couple extraordinaire. Nice to meet you! Before we get into all of the food stuff, let’s get to know each other. Steven Michael and I have been married for ten years, and live in Western New York with our five year old son, Ellis. He’s like, totally the cutest.

Love in an elevator!
Steven Michael and Ellis

When we’re not cooking and documenting our successes/failures for your enjoyment (I use “we” lightly as I don’t cook a thing), Steven Michael is a Wholesale Baker and I am a Telecom Circuit Design Engineer (sounds fancier than it is, I promise). That is our life now, but once upon a time, Steven Michael and I owned a truly amazing restaurant called Burrito Fresco.

We were open from June of 2012 to November of 2016, some of the best years of our lives. Steven Michael was in charge of all of the food (clearly), while I focused on the customer experience out front. After realizing that we couldn’t be the kind of parents we wanted to be while each working close to 90 hours a week, we closed when Ellis was a year old. It was a tough decision, but ultimately the best we could have made for our little family. Through the restaurant, we have made some life-long friends in our former employees, so really, our family grew by much more than one little baby.

Though we no longer own the restaurant, we do have some more projects in the works including a cookbook featuring the recipes from Burrito Fresco, and this food blog, featuring my lazy ass sitting in the dining room watching Steven Michael cook. And that brings me to why we are starting this blog. Steven Michael is an excellent cook and the virtual world deserves to see his food. And I am bored. Feet Up In The Dining Room isn’t just a clever name, it is what I am literally doing every night as my husband cooks away in the kitchen. So we thought, why not give me a job documenting and sharing his creations? Soon, this blog will be filled with recipes and stories both good and bad. Rather than hiding our failures, we’ll be sharing and laughing at them with all of you. Be glad this wasn’t around for The Pumpkin Alfredo Incident of 2008. The memory still makes me want to hurl. So put your feet up and relax with me as we do absolutely none of the work, but reap all of the delicious benefits!

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  1. Nice Work Bitsy and Team! She does crush it in Circuit Design so dont believe her down play of skills.. ; )

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